FALL 2012


So far we’ve had a couple events

Our first meeting was held on Oct. 10th

The first annual Conoce UChicago: Latino RSO Meet & Greet  was held on Oct. 11th in McCormick Tribune Lounge (Reynold’s Club)

We have our weekly meeting this WEDNESDAY OCT. 17th @ 7pm in OMSA (5710 S. Woodlawn Ave.)

We’ll be having pizza. Come join us!!

Latinos & the TIME 100

The 2012 list of Time’s 100 most influential people in the world has been released.

Among the 100 most influential people listed, here are the 9 Latinos that made the list:

Marco Rubio, Dulce Matuz, Presidente Juan Manuel Santos, Lionel Messi, Jose Andres, Presidenta Dilma Roussef, Eike Batista,

Louis C.K., and Maria das Graças Silva Foster

Check them out.