50.4 % of Births in the United States are Minority Children

Follow the link below to inform yourself on the change we all knew was coming, but has just been confirmed by the Census Bureau.

http://www.nytimes.com/2012/05/17/us/whites-account-for-under-half-of-births-in-us.html?_r=1&hp(picture from NY Times)


Elections and the New Board!

At our last meeting, held this past Weds. (5/2), elections for next year’s board took place. We want to take this time to congratulate and welcome the new board! An enormous thank you to this year’s board for all the work they’ve done!

Here is the new board! 

Co- Chairs

Chris Kubik & Christian Sanchez


Monica Luna


Manuel Anderson

Cultural Show Directors

Cristina Ochoa, Darcy Zaretzky, & Victor Montecinos

Political Chairs

Jessica Mejia & Esteban Valencia

Social Chairs

Ife Olubanjo & Cristina Ochoa

Community Service Chair

Melissa Almonte

Latinos & the TIME 100

The 2012 list of Time’s 100 most influential people in the world has been released.

Among the 100 most influential people listed, here are the 9 Latinos that made the list:

Marco Rubio, Dulce Matuz, Presidente Juan Manuel Santos, Lionel Messi, Jose Andres, Presidenta Dilma Roussef, Eike Batista,

Louis C.K., and Maria das Graças Silva Foster

Check them out.