Student Showcase

OLAS is mixing it up a little this year. Our annual cultural show will be both a show and an expo. There will be two main parts, the auditorium show and the gallery-style exposition. The gallery-style exposition will include a section that will showcase work from the UChicago community, it will be made up of pieces submitted by various artists exploring this year’s theme.

What does Ser Latino mean to you? 

Are you interested in sharing your response? Do you have something you would like to share?

We encourage everyone to submit a response; it can be a poem, a short film, a painting, a song, whatever it is that drives you, that moves you. This is meant to be a mixed media expo.

Do you have to identify as a latin@? No. Anyone can submit.

We extend an invitation to any person who identifies or is interested in Latin American culture to fill the following form:, or send in a formal request following the format below,



In the subject line insert “OLAS Showcase Request”

Then tell us what you have in mind! Send us a proposal with a description of what you would like to share. If you have a picture attach it! Provide us with as much as you can and we will get back to you shortly.