Spring Recap!

Hi Everyone!

We hadn’t updated the website in a while due to being really busy finishing up the school year successfully and getting into all of our summer plans!

Anyway a little recap on the Spring.

1. We had an amazing cultural show on April 12, 2014. Look out for a specific post about the cultural show to see pictures.

2. We helped Latin America Matters (LAM) from the Harris School of Public Policy put on the 2nd annual Latin American Policy Forum on May 8th, 2014 at the International House Assembly Hall.

3. We held weekly meetings and participated in/attended other campus organizations events. For example hosted a panel about politics in Oaxaca, attended a panel hosted by ALMas, attended Identity Week events, cohosted a workshop about Domestic Violence and Identity during Sexual Assault Awareness Week, and attended S.H.E. ‘s Trauma Center Action Week events.

4. Finally, we had board elections! Here’s the 2014-2015 OLAS Board 🙂

Carlos Guzman
Cristina Ochoa
Francisco Spaulding Astudillo
Freddy Boulton
Coral Sabino
Kent Fernandez
Community Service/Outreach
Daniel Ramirez Raftree
Christian Sanchez
Political Co-Chair
Maya Handa
LAM Liason
Melina de Bona
Cultural Show Co-Chairs
Ada Torres
Jessica Mejia

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