Artist of The Month: Neuzz, Mexican street artist

Artist of The Month: Neuzz, Mexican street artist

“Miguel Mejía, mejor conocido en la escena del street art como Neuzz, es un diseñador, pintor e ilustrador mexicano considerado uno de los mayores exponentes del arte urbano latinoamericano. Las raíces mexicanas de Mejía están siempre presentes en su trabajo, que ha sido exhibido, publicado y reseñado internacionalmente”.

Fuente: http://culturacolectiva.com/neuzz-arte-urbano-del-sentir-mexicano/

NEUZZ is an artist based out of Mexico City, Mexico by way of Oaxaca, Mexico.  Growing up as an artist he went to school for Graphic design and since that point has grown his career one show and event at a time.  His style is very unique and is heavily influenced by Mexican style folk art.  NEUZZ is one of the leading artists in the Mexican Mural/Street Art movement.”

Source: http://www.33third.com/boards/t/285/neuzz-mexico.aspxfing2

Our First Winter Quarter Events

This Friday, 1/11/2013, We will be having our Cultural Show Study Break in the McCormick Tribune Lounge. Please stop by and sign up for dances/ learn more about different opportunities to get involved with the cultural show! https://www.facebook.com/events/348249248616641/

Hope to see you there!