OLAS, Autumn Quarter 2012

Happy Holidays!

Our autumn quarter was busy busy busy. We participated/collaborated in the following events: Office of Multicultural Student Affair’s Multicultural Festival, ORCSA Reynold’s Club Party and RSO Fair, MEChA’s Dia de Los Muertos Event, OMSA + LUL’s The Latino Vote Panel, MEChA’s EduCon, Palermo’s Pizza Protest at Costco, MUC Christmas Posada and some Get Out the Vote work earlier in the quarter. We were very excited about having the opportunity to work with these groups and are hoping to participate in more collaborations in the future.

We also organized and held these great events Conoce UChicago (Oct. 11, 2012), Latinos Sin Barreras (Oct. 21, 2012), Abuelita’s Hot Chocolate and Concha Fundraiser for the 2013 Cultural Show (In week 9 of the quarter), and Baila Con OBS + OLAS (Dec. 6, 2012).

Check out some pictures from this autumn quarter!

OMSA Multicultural Festival (Jessica & Christian)

Photo on 2012-09-25 at 19.40

Baila con OBS + OLAS


Baila Con OBS + OLAS  ( Matt & Maya)IMG_4775

Baila con OBS + OLAS (Daniel & Cristina)

Baila con OBS + OLAS (Isabelle enjoying the food!) IMG_4778

Cristina and Oscar helping with MEChA’s EduCon

Nancy (from MEChA), Christian, Daniel & Darcy, Admissions Committee @ MEChA’s EduCon665698_10151147822951482_294827657_o

Baila con OBS + OLAS IMG_4780

Baila con OBS + OLAS (Melissa & Chris)

Baila con OBS + OLAS


Baila con OBS + OLAS (Daniel, Joseline, Chris, Cristina, Maya, Matt)


We’re looking forward to an even more eventful WINTER TERM!


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